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Stepping up (but not out – obviously)

This got more obvious as my state put a formal stay-at-home order in place as of last night. Not that I was doing otherwise. Anyway…


While I continue to get my 30 minute workout, which in all fairness contributes to my daily 10,000+ steps (8 weeks and counting now, for both) — I’ve also been really trying to hit 250 steps per hour (for the 14 hours I’m awake, based on a schedule that accounts for both commuter daysremember when there were commuter days? – and these (now-ubiquitous) at-home days).

Did I mention that I’m a bit obsessed?

I’m not always successful at getting the hourly steps. Work, you know, and I can’t complain too much about that. I’m blessed to be able to do what I do from home, and that my company has not (thus far) needed to make personnel cuts.

I do manage to get in my hourly 250 for the most part – 9 of the last 12 days now – but sometimes either meetings or just super-intense project periods impede my progress.

Last week, for example, 8am snagged me a couple of times. (The prior week it was usually 11am that did me in).

But by and large, I didn’t do half-bad. My magic secret to fitting in 250 steps, in just a couple of stray minutes each hour between work stuff?


Yes folks, it’s a (short) dance party every hour here. No, not exclusively ABBA music, of course. I have music from over the decades – from the 70s to today(ish)* – songs that get me moving.

And moving is good for me.**

Though I admit, every time it is ABBA that gets me up on the dance floor (actually any floor), I am thrown back in time to my Sapphire Princess family, our Christmas evening ABBA dance party, and how T, G and I could not possibly keep pace with V and P that night. I doubt anyone could! (Well maybe ND could have but I neither remember him leaving us early, nor out on the dance floor. Maybe my memory is slipping, but maybe he’d gone to the evening show? At that hour, probably not back to the gym?)

Good times. Good friends. Good memories. (Such as they are.)

All of which makes it extra awesome, to get up and move.

So… are you ready to get 250 steps this hour? 🎵 Voulez-vous? 🎶


* It looks like the newest music in my current dance-party playlist are a couple of songs from 2014, so that’s very today-ish. Hey, it’s within the last decade, and I’m gonna take it. (Don’t bother tagging me in memes about “10 most influential albums” because that is so not me.)

** When I’m moving, I’m not overeating. And when I’m not overeating and I’m moving, I look and feel better overall.

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