Little moments in the days of COVID-19

So one of the items that sent my parents to pandemic central (aka an overcrowded superstore for groceries) was that there were a few items they could not find in their local (smaller, open-early) store.

Extra frustrating? I had at least one of these items on hand. Have had for a while. Probably since they lived with me. Does not go bad.

But they didn’t realize, and wouldn’t ask anyway lest they be taking something from me that I need.

With respect: dopes. I would rather have them at the end of this ride than any thing that’s in my house. That is not even a question.

If they get themselves sick, I’m going to be so mad.

They also didn’t think to check on whether anyone could ship the items to them. At least some of the items I did not have on hand, I have subsequently had shipped to their house.

Did I mention, dopes?

So anyway. One day this week, Dad popped by to get the items I did have.

Which meant, in practice, that I left the items on my stoop as he was on his way over to get them. No contact, no cheating. This is what social distancing requires.

And here is a memorable little moment, representative of the times: each of us on opposite sides of the door, hands up, separated by plexiglass (which, no, rarely if ever gets touched, but yes, we washed our hands after, and I’ve sanitized the door subsequently in case anyone else does touch it).

But there we were. Through the glass. Almost but not quite touching.

It will have to do, for now.

Stay healthy out there, dear ones. And do what you can to keep everyone else that way too.

4 thoughts on “Little moments in the days of COVID-19”

    1. We have Peapod here. It’s a little different as far as availability now that it’s got so much demand, but I have used it for years and am a fan. I have also used Amazon Fresh to send food to friends in the past where that is available, and another friend recently used Walmart (where the local superstore has delivery service). YMMV, but you aren’t in a super rural area, so I would expect you to have all of the above available in some fashion. Again, make some allowances for demand – usually I can get a Peapod delivery within a two hour window any time within a day or two but in this case I locked down a delivery date 2 1/2 weeks ahead (threw $60 worth into my cart to grab a date and have been editing ever since)


      1. If something is urgent check multiple sources. Amazon turned around coffee in a couple of days. But no one seems to have any paper towels. I assume because the paper companies had to ramp up TP production because hoarding. (Eyeroll)


        1. Thanks for the recommendation. I rolled up my sleeves and signed up for Peapod this morning as we have a local Stop and Shop. Looks like a great service. The next open window at this time is April 9. But I like the concept. I’m a little late to the party, as usual. Classic late adopter! Sometimes I need a push (eh hem, 360).

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