The meetup that wasn’t

So as you’re all sick of hearing, I have been using Duolingo to brush up my language skills. For quite a while now.

And every so often, they send me details about local meetups.

Apparently by “local” they just mean “in-country” because I always get invited to events in Miami. Do they even have events anywhere else in the USA? Does anyone out there know?

Anyway, obviously meeting in Miami is not viable. Actually, anywhere other than online is not viable, because cough cough coronavirus.

But there was an online meetup.

Wednesday night.


I signed up. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. A chance to practice my French would be good because let’s face it, I’m not getting to Quebec or Paris or any other place where French is spoken, any time soon. Again, because cough cough coronavirus.

Anyway, it didn’t really work out. Connection was terrible. Audio was terrible. I wasn’t doing video (anyone who knows me, knows my camera is covered – don’t you people watch Criminal Minds?!?)

Probably it’s that all of these systems are overburdened, because cough cough coronavirus.

But it was a fun idea and maybe I’ll try again another time. Meanwhile, you know I’m still doing my Duo every day!