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Even people who are nearby are far, for the moment. Some of my family is walking distance, and now the weather has finally started to turn nice to walk — but social distancing means staying away.

I miss you guys. But it’s worth it, if it reduces the chance I might be missing you forever. Or until we meet in eternity, anyway.


Of course I think of my friends from NJ – my families there. I always miss you, and I pray for you.

I hope that doesn’t seem newsworthy.


I find myself wondering about, missing my former colleagues. Jose (in Chicago, last I heard, therefore under lockdown, with wife and at least one child), and Yu and his family. Pete. The triumvirate. Karen, Sondra, Rebecca, Tiffany, Kathy… wow, so many others.

Some of you I have points of contact with. Some not so much.

Be happy. Be safe. Be well.


And then also, I find myself missing my journeymates.

My travel buddies of course, who overlap with other groups above: Sis, First Beautiful Niece, Pam, S, Mom and Dad. People I can, thankfully, chat with. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like before all this technology made it possible to just reach out, any time.

It’s so easy now, to send each other an email, a photo, or an emoji, to video chat or just call. How hard that would have been, when none of those were options!

As hard as this is, it could be – in other generations was – so much more difficult.


And also — I think of all the surprise friends along the way, who I can’t as easily make contact with.

Like Robin and Stella, who I met in Ireland.

Or May, who I knew online before we met in person in New Zealand.

Pat and Ron, in Peru.

Deana and Troy. Connie. Marge. Our tour guides Elena and Christiana, from Greece.

Trudy, Greg, Andy, Patricia, Viviana and Suzanne, in Asia.

So many trips. Italy, Canada, Costa Rica, Iceland, the Caribbean, so many other wonderful places, so many wonderful people.

Some of you, I get emails or see you on Facebook… so I know you’re still out there, and (thank God) so far so good. I watch for you, to know you’re okay.

Some of you, we aren’t connected, our emails at the time no longer in service, so I don’t know.

But I think of you. I remember the moments we shared, and how very much I loved meeting you, how much getting to know you added to the blessing of the adventure.

I remember you and am thankful for you, every time I recall those journeys.

And in these days of pandemic, I hope and pray with an even deeper urgency that you are well. God bless and keep you. Thank you for becoming new surprise friends and sharing our journey together.

And so to all of you. Family, IRL friends, work friends, digital friends, readers.

God bless and keep you.

I know it’s not easy. But I’m glad we’re on this journey together… even while we’re apart.

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  1. Hello.

    How beautiful photos you presented. Thank you. In my country many restrictions make everyday life more difficult. Understandable. My post has a good link to Coronavirus cases round the world.

    Stay safe and healthy!


  2. For those wondering, the images are from: Italy, Montana USA, Thailand, Hawaii USA, Cuba, Greece, Iceland, Peru, North Dakota USA, New Zealand, Wisconsin USA, and Colorado USA


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