Little surprises along the way

So here are some quick updates from my little (and smaller all the time) world:

Tuesday was the first day all my colleagues in NA worked from home. I’m pretty sure it was a major adjustment for many of them. Meanwhile it was just kind of slow and frustrating at my desk.

How slow? In a surprise move, Tuesday was the longest month I can remember.


When I was in NYC earlier this month, I ordered a Caesar salad and had them mix in a little sriracha. Yeah, man!

Well, I am pleased to report that a hint of sriracha in my Caesar dressing at home is every bit as good. And, as a surprise bonus, my salad needs less dressing overall because all that zesty heat goes a long way.


In a less joyful surprise, the day I discovered this, that salad was kind of the highlight of my day.


I’ll bet there have been small (or big) surprises happening in your world while we bunker down, too. Do tell!