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So, even though there is literally no reason for me to go to an office almost ever, and even though there’s extra reasons not to go when we’re trying to slow a pandemic, I had to go to the office on Monday.

As I mentioned previously, they put us on a staggered schedule. That means there should not be as many people in the office spaces as usual.

Never mind that the latest reports sound like it’s (like measles) airborne for up to 3 hours and we all have to go through the same entrances. Whatever.

Still 1/3 as many people to infect each other is better than all of us, I guess?

Plus they upped the cleaning regiments, and we’re supposed to be keeping 6 feet away from each other. Which made a world of sense when we thought this was just something you’d get if someone coughed or sneezed on you, or you touched a surface that they coughed or sneezed on and then touched your face.

Well. Best laid plans.

First , there’s a cluster of women jabbering around the corner here (right next to the main walkway) and they aren’t 6 feet apart from one another, or the walkway, by any stretch. Though they talk loud enough that they could be.

Second, the guy behind me coughs and sneezes. Just occasionally. But definitely more than usual, so it’s unclear if he’s sick (allergies, maybe?) – and I hope he’s not sick, for his own sake – but if he is sick, he isn’t supposed to be at the office at all.

Third, although the building does seem emptier in general, there are almost the same number of people in my area as ever. This is because –

    One person could not get to her files remotely. So she needed to come in to move everything to her local drive. Not probably how that should be fixed, for a couple of different reasons. Unclear if she didn’t think to get Helpdesk assistance or if they were just … help-less.
    One person was traveling internationally for an extended period and didn’t check her email to get the memo about staggered schedules. Or even that social distancing is a thing. Genuinely not seeming to understand why no one is interested in chatting with her, fresh off a plane. (I don’t know her; we wouldn’t be chatting anyway.)
    Some teams (they say) were told to stagger in a schedule – but not given the schedule.

How are we gonna protect vulnerable people around us from getting sick, when we’re so dumb? Dear Lord, save us from our own stupidity.


I went home at lunchtime, with my boss’ blessing, to finish out my day from home.


New update by the time I arrived home was, those few for whom it is essential to be in the office should work on the staggered schedule. All others should work from home until further notice.

Now that made more sense.

Now if I just didn’t get sick breathing in all the recycled germs in that building. 🦠

(If one of us was going to go in and get sick probably better that it’s me, versus the rest of the team, since I live alone and can solo the heck out of daily existence. But still.)

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  1. That sucks, but these are uncharted waters for all of us and it’s hard to forget about the social graces we have all been weaned on. I had to interview somebody for a story last week and we automatically shook hands when introduced, and then we both sort of paused and he said, “I don’t know if we’re supposed to do this still.”



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