Things to do

So, with all this (attempted – thanks anyway, Company) social distancing /isolation going on, here’s some things I did on a Sunday.

  • Made coffee. Dude, not even a question.
  • Read my Sunday blog digests.
  • Got inspired and wrote a blog post.
  • Live-streamed church services.
  • Got my 30 min WiiFit workout in.
  • Sent an inquiry to my favorite local restaurant to see if they sell gift certificates. (While I’m not going out, I can still try to support them.)
  • Made lunch.
  • Prepped for meals this week. (Dang, my house smells yummy.)
  • Checked on a scheduled delivery for a friend who can’t get out easily (or safely), these days.
  • Set up an Amazon subscribe-and-save to send commonly needed items to my local foodbank (because there are going to be people in need — including families with kids who usually get at least one meal a day at the now-closed schools). [Update: not sure how long that will be viable because Amazon needs to limit exposures too.]
  • Filled out and submitted my census 2020 form. (Public Service Announcement: If you get a census form that asks you for your social security, credit card, or bank information, it’s not the census – it’s a scam. Filling out the census is super important, but watch out for the creeps. Why do there have to be creeps??)
  • Laundry time! Washed whites, sheets etc.
  • Prepped to go to the office in the morning… checked my office email a lot, hoping to get new instructions not to go.
  • Talked to a few friends on the phone.
  • Made S pace with me for our hourly step goals. Whee!
  • Remade the bed with the clean sheets. Cuz that’s easier than folding sheets.
  • Not my room, not my bed.
  • All this, and more.
  • So all in all, I think it’s really not so bad to stay in. If it also slows down the spread of Covid-19, so much the better.

    How about you?

    2 thoughts on “Things to do”

    1. – Following the daily readings, morning and evening, that are suggested in my NRSV Bible. (Just started this yesterday; picking up as a work in progress with Deuteronomy in the pm and Mark in the am.
      – Attacking the list of books, mostly memoirs, that I wrote down in February. Have completed five. Currently reading something different, “A Very Stable Genius,” by two Washington Post reporters.
      – Charging the battery to my camera so I can go out in nature to take photos.
      – Raking leaves in the back yard.
      – Cleaning out the Hair Clogged drain in the bathtub my daughter uses.
      – Getting back to taking a walk outside after 6 weeks of not feeling up to it. Smiling and greeting those who pass.
      – Ordering cleaning agents and rubber gloves so I can help out more with dishwashing and cleaning the house.
      – Passing time away from the awful news by watching reruns of last year’s NY Mets season.
      – Offering to help some friends with transportation chores.
      – Trying to keep wife company and daughter reassured.
      – Keeping on top of tax work and figuring out Social Security and Medicare.
      – Trying Not To freak out about the drop in my bank account.
      – And continuing to adjust to the quietness of things, of this retirement that still catches my breath, it is so weird but what’s even weirder is that it is something I still fret about.


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