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Plugging away

So here’s some things that recently happened around here…

Saturday = another 7 for 7 getting my workout. All of them via WiiFit.

(Also hit my 10k step goal. Thanks for keeping me on track, FitBit. Also, thanks to S for pacing with me some nights to cross my finish line.)

You know what this means, right? Barring a disaster I’m hitting 1000 days soon.

My long Duolingo streak keeps me coming back every day. Not fluent by a long shot, but learning none the less.

Thanks for hanging in for 75 days

And you’ve been sticking with me while somehow I’ve manage to post daily so far this year. I feel like I’m revisiting 2011, which is the last time I did an annual post-a-day.

Alas, I did not actually get any younger during this flashback.

IRL: a very happy birthday wish to you, Mr C!

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