Interesting times (stay healthy)

I’m indoorsy at the best of times. I loathe shopping in general, and prefer to have anything and everything delivered vs go interact with people and lines and all the rest of it.

I already work from home more often than not and would be 100% at-home if my company would allow it. Which, they should, in these interesting times.* I am really lucky (blessed) in that respect – that my job lends itself to solo work.

Plus, I’m an introvert, so I sort of thrive on all this time to myself. To think my own thinks and feel my own feels. I’m not – I never am – itchy to go mingle.

So, yeah. Social distancing really works for me. Digital is just fine (and dandy, as they say) for connecting with people. I got my hugs in with my sweet girl last week (now I very much miss seeing her delightful and talented sister – must remember to FaceTime or Skype or somesuch), and other than one brief interaction with my parents (who were already out and about and totally should just be staying in, and if they get themselves sick I’m going to be ticked) — I am mostly just interacting with the world virtually this week. (Which, you know… I’m just under the 14 days since I was in New York/New Jersey. Fingers crossed.)

I’ve even switched my grocery delivery to “contactless.”

My hands are as clean (and as dry) as they can be, at all times. As are the surfaces I interact with.

If I have germs I’m keeping them to myself. If you have germs, I’m not taking them in and carrying them to some other person.

So I’m doing my tiny part in these interesting times.

Do the same, as much as you can, okay? And keep you and those you love safe and healthy!

* So my company just decided to have everyone work on a staggered schedule. Which means most people only come in every third day. Fewer people in the office at one time. Smarter for some people. But doesn’t really help those that use mass transit to get to work – like all the rest of my team. They still gotta breathe those NYC germs on the subway, just every third day. And doesn’t help me because I already only worked in the office every third day – I didn’t expect to have to go at all and I don’t have to go out at all and I work as well or better at home than in the office. But now I actually have to go in. After I’ve self-isolated for nearly two weeks. So. Irked.

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