there is something wrong with me

Mistakes were made

Do you ever do things you know you’ll probably regret?

Most of us have, I spose.

Like, here’s one for me

I loved and watched all seasons of Criminal Minds. Except the last two seasons, that is. Not that I stopped liking the show. I still did. I still recorded them. I just know that I can’t watch them except, like, early in the day. If I watch them at night they impact my sleep.

Actually since I moved, I can’t watch them, except early in the day, because I’ll be scared alone in my house.

So I haven’t been watching. Saving them; I want to see them. But not watching. Something about them just not seeming like a light weekend morning watch.

Except the other night when in spite of knowing this was a terrible idea, I watched a bunch of episodes. The last half of the second-to-last season.

Hey, if I look tired, it’s probably that I’m not sleeping. And afraid there’s (probably, right?) a killer in my basement. Or attic. Or something.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

I hate when I know better, but still do dumb stuff.

Good show, great cast though. Totally gonna watch the rest.

Just not tonight.

2 thoughts on “Mistakes were made”

  1. I get it. Some TV shows just lend themselves to viewing better in the morning vs. late at night. It’s always best to go for a lighthearted comedy before bedtime.


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