Lunch, Hugs, and Good Times

Since my boss, it turns out, isn’t sick with coronavirus (as far as anyone can estimate such things), I can see people.

I can see one of my favorite people.

So Sunday I did just that. I went up to visit my niece for lunch.

And hugs. So many hugs. The kid is a pro. If being snuggly was an Olympic event, there’d be gold medals galore.

Plus she’s smart and funny and fun to be with. Just a genuinely great person to spend time with.

So, good times. 😊

I just got home and miss her already.

Which just means I’m super blessed.

Such good “problems” to have.

Chomp! (Hey, she’ll understand)

3 thoughts on “Lunch, Hugs, and Good Times”

  1. Oh my gosh, this all seems so long ago, when we thought we could see and hug each other.

    Three weeks later we are all still in isolation and all still (mercifully) uninfected to our knowledge.
    Be safe, folks.


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