Sriracha popcorn. Ruh-Roh!

Well that’s a thing I shouldn’t know about.

When I go in to the Delaware office, I usually get one disappointing slice of pizza for lunch.

It’s basically tasteless. Often soggy. Frequently tepid.

Its redeeming values are: it’s cheap, has a moderate calorie count, and is an excellent vehicle for sriracha sauce. Which I keep in my desk there for exactly this reason.

(I mean, I didn’t start eating it as a vehicle for sriracha. I discovered this benefit shortly after I started categorizing it as triangular cardboard. — There are other choices at the cafeteria, but they aren’t a lot better / they are a lot spendier. Not a great value in trading up.)

So last week, I was in the office, but didn’t get my single slice of pizza-shaped foodstuff. Ergo, no sauce to go on it.

While I was in NYC I ended up having a Mexican Caesar salad (which in retrospect was definitely missing the jalapeños) at Chopt – and had them go light on the Caesar dressing but add in a little sriracha. Because hot please.

Mmm good.

But now I want more! (As one does.)

There are a few things I make at home that I’d top with it – but tonight I discovered a recipe for sriracha popcorn. (With a little raw quinoa mixed in, for protein. Or so I say.)

And I shouldn’t know sriracha popcorn is a thing.

Aw man. And I was doing so well.

Gonna need a new bottle soon

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  1. I love sriracha and have seen bags of that popcorn for sale, too…and avoided buying it because, like you, that’s a thing I shouldn’t know is available.


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