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Non-problems and irks (sweating the small stuff)

There are real problems to ponder. Real issues to be irate about. Turn on the news; pandemics and natural disasters and the markets and the political nightmare-of-the-day.

Plenty of bigger matters.

But sometimes, the small stuff is just easier to focus my ire on. Like a rest for a weary mind.


Cafeteria Fail

Like, that the disappointing pizzas in the cafeteria are allasudden mini pizzas, not slices.

They aren’t suddenly any better, mind you. It’s just a different size and shape. Single serving. This is probably coronavirus related. Not wanting people to touch things.

But: The boxes to carry away are for slices, not mini-pizzas. They don’t fit.

Also, the mini pizzas are roughly (I would guess) the equivalent of two slices (I always buy one slice). And there’s no prices for the mini pizzas. I doubt they’re free, but there’s nothing so much fun as not knowing the price of something when you buy it. Especially if you know going in you’re probably not going to eat it all, so … wasteful.

The calorie sticker they still have up is also the per-slice sticker. So there’s another mystery I wasn’t hoping to build into my day.

Whatever. I think I have a granola bar up at my desk.


Service Fail

There’s a handful of items I subscribed to from a major online retailer (I don’t want to name names so let’s call them Damn-azon.com). This month the items were going to come right around a date when I would be out of town for work. So I moved my delivery date out a week. You know, just to be safe. Stuff is late more often than it’s on time here, but still. Better safe than sorry.

And then yesterday, I got a notice from both Damn-azon and UPS that my package was coming tomorrow. The day I specifically said not to send it. So I contacted Damn-azon and their rep swore up and down that the package would absolutely not be there until after I returned, by a couple of days.

Today – guess what – it IS coming after all, expressly when I didn’t want it to. And now, they say, there is nothing they can do. (Lies, by the way.)

Again, this is the same group of morons that consistently get things here late when they are urgent, like when we were ordering stuff for S’s care.

And while delivering late is usually the greater infraction, it’s still infuriating that I tried to resolve this ahead so as not to be having packages sitting on my doorstep announcing my absence, and they are messing it up anyway. PS it’s not that they can’t do anything about it. It’s that they won’t. There’s a $5 charge to change a delivery date AFTER it’s in transit.

Apparently, hitting target dates in either direction is not their strong suit.

Damn it, Damn-azon!


Editing Fail

You can’t see it, but every time I write a post, this WordPress app opens it in their new, not at all improved editor.


So every time I start a post I have to change to the classic version.

I contacted support to ask how can I set that as permanently the default and save me this extra set of steps.

They said they set that for me, since nothing I do seems to have any effect.

But alas, no. Not the case. I am still always manually making this change. And I dread a terrible day in future when it’s not just a frustrating inconvenience, but I might not have any choice at all. Shudder.


Yes, I know, I’m totally sweating the small stuff. Things that don’t matter in the scope of eternity and will probably bother me less by tomorrow. But also… so much more manageable than the big hairy problems that will still be lingering and in need of attention / resolution.

How about you … any non-problems and irks you’d like to complain about?

This is how I felt this day. Hangry not helpful. 😉 Photo via Pexels

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