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Top 5 ways to protect yourself from COVID-19 (coronavirus)

I am not a doctor. I am not in any way whatsoever part of the medical field. So of course if your doctor or medical practitioner, or the CDC or AMA or WHO come out with further advice, please do follow their guidance. Stay healthy out there, folks.

With that hope in mind, for the moment here are the 5 things I have gleaned from a close listen to the reporting and advice to date, just to boil what we know so far, down to the essentials.

So don’t panic – just start with the basics …

5. Thoroughly wash your hands, (meaning for about 20 seconds, preferably with soap & hot water if available – or with a sanitizer with 60% or higher alcohol content), and generally keep your hands away from your face. Continue reading “Top 5 ways to protect yourself from COVID-19 (coronavirus)”