Broken habits

So, most mornings I spend a little waking-up time doing puzzles.

Puzzle games, that is. Mostly word puzzles.

I had maxed out Wordscapes Uncrossed so all I could do there was the daily puzzle. And in addition to the daily puzzle, every Sunday (after they finally added new puzzle levels) I would wipe the floor with anyone so unfortunate as to be in the Wordscapes tournament against me. Wordbound started out fun but I had devolved to just playing the daily AM and PM puzzles. And then Simon’s Cat, the only non-word puzzle game in my collection… I had done all their puzzles to date, playing the new 20 levels each week, the daily puzzles and the 5- or 10- puzzle challenges they rolled out … and banking up over 16k in game coin over time. (From play, not purchase.)

But new phone, new system – that zeroed out all of those games. Partially my own fault for not being willing to sync any of them to my social media accounts.

Which means now I have to decide if I want to start over.

I did that once before. At my last upgrade. But now I’m not so sure. I’ve deleted them all off my phone for now.

Why is it I feel more out of sorts without my daily games than if I am slow to get to my workout?

Well. Maybe this is a good set of habits to break. I think I’ll leave them off the phone for a while, and see how that goes.

(Still keep up with Duo though. No worries there.)

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