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New Network, New Phone

So. We changed our family plan. We are no longer on Verizon Wireless.

For me, the big selling point for that is that the T-Mobile/Sprint network is compatible with international networks. Oh, and we’ll save money. So, yeah. Cool.

New network, new phone.

It’s an 11. And not to be all old-lady about it, but I don’t love it so far.

Not having a home button means retraining my brain about how to make things happen. Sure, I’ll get there.

But this change from Touch ID to Face ID?



So now I’m going to have to figure out how to get in to all the apps I was using that thumbprint for, and hope to God I can still remember my passwords.

And no, Apple (or Facebook or Clear or anyone else) I’m not interested in trusting you with my Face.

Ugh. The modern age. Right???

Or maybe more like…

Advancing age!?! Right???

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