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What keeps me up

… tonight, is not the news or the state of the world or that the new coronavirus is probably the next flu (which was way scarier and more dangerous than it is now, before we knew how to vaccinate for it, what the transmission mechanisms were, optimum self-protection means, etc), or even that it’s so quiet now that S has gone home.

While I promised to be looking for moments of delight, instead I found a Chinese stink bug.

On. My. Bed.


So settling into sleep isn’t the easiest thing just this minute.

(YUP. Pest control already called. And everything re-washed because BUG.)

3 thoughts on “What keeps me up”

  1. I’m sorry to laugh, but I’m at a deli getting a sandwich reading this and amazed at the coincidence. I just called the pest control company yesterday about the very same thing. Inspired by your post, I just posted an entry myself.


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