The Return – scenes from Saturday

It’s been 10 days since the fall, and S is heading home.


I am up early, as I tend to. Comparatively speaking, anyway. So I get in my workout, a shower, the last of the packing (other than S’s morning stuff). Most of the rest we gathered up last night.

She has set alarms, so when I knock on her door post-shower, she’s awake.

She takes her morning meds and I fix her a cup of tea for the road, then she gets ready while my dad pops over to help me load a cooler of the foodstuffs we have for her use. A few frozen meals, lots of Boost, yogurts, a little ice cream.

(We’ve got her on Peapod now, and they should be bringing food to her in the evening, after I get her home. So then she’ll have lots of easy microwave meals. The main thing will be, whether she can get into the packaging.)

A few trips back and forth – getting my steps, taking the steps – a while later we have all her stuff in the car, and I do one last sweep and grab the odds and ends I’ll need for the trip back.

Then we’re off.

The drive is fairly smooth. Not too much traffic on a Saturday morning. It’s a little after noon when we realize we can get her in to the salon at 1pm, with only a short diversion, and she can be that much readier to see her students on Monday.

A few more stops, including gas (oh the luxury of someone else pumping it), and we pull up in front of her house.

Like, literally in front.

Like: car, stairs, door.

Perfect. We prayed for such a spot. Partly for unloading, partly for ease of monitoring the car while she can’t drive, and partly so I won’t have to parallel park.

(No one wants that.)

It takes quite a few trips (oooh! Step goal achieved!) to get everything inside. And then: cooler unpacked to fridge. Freezer reorganized to accommodate the coming Peapod order. Lights reworked so the ones she can maneuver in casts are where she needs them. Plants watered (hey mom, I watered plants!), cooler stashed downstairs, microwave moved upstairs so she doesn’t have to move hot things in and out of one that is effectively overhead.

And then, packing up what needs taking away.

And then, hugs goodbye. Lyft called and en route. The Peapod truck arrives just as I am leaving.

S confirms she got all her freezer food in and she’s ok for meals for a bit

I hate leaving her there. I miss her already, even before I walk out.

But I do have to go. My life happens, in its quiet way, down in Maryland.

Though I miss my life here in NJ, also. It feels strange to be leaving her, and also it feels strange to be so close to all the other people I love here, but not see them. But it can’t be helped. Hopefully I’ll see them, for real, soon.

My Lyft driver is Carlos, a 31 year old Driver/Photographer/who knows. We have a pleasant enough chat – ok he chats, but he’s pleasant and passionate and opinionated about life and what he does or doesn’t want out of it, but not at all in offensive ways.

So, prayers for Carlos in whatever directions his life takes him. The Lord knows.

And prayers for S, for continued healing grace.

And hey, she was mid-move when I dragged her off to Europe and now she’s broken so moving furniture and unpacking boxes and dusting all the stuff in those boxes so she can breathe better is not on her short term agenda. But it might be a need if her allergies start to kill her on top of everything else.

Oh gosh, I should have kept her at my place so I could cabin-steward a little longer!

(No really, she wants to be there for her students and she’s been figuring out what she can do on her own and she has excellent friends around her there. Y’all take care of her, ya hear?)

Training my way home

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  1. Such caring for a friend is rare these days. This is just a very special glimpse into the meaning of compassion and love.


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