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Continued progress on multiple fronts


So first off – still getting my daily language lessons in. Woot woot. Going for 1000! And also, to be a little more passable in (French, mostly).


I also made it through another week of getting in my workout and steps…

Thanks S, for encouraging me all week (even going for a Wii-walk with me one day, and not blinking when I paced for steps when I still had a few to go late in the day).


Also, I’ve been keeping up my post streak – as this posts, it will be 55 days.

Again, since usually I have a post streak to cover a trip, then it quickly drops off, clearly S was a big part of this streak. Hey, less drama would be fine, amIright?

Anyway, it has been 50+ in a row. Are you tired of me yet? Because based on how short my post delay is now, I think I’m probably going to start slipping!

Maybe I’ll be able to keep it weekly?


Well I can’t say that any effort of mine had had a role in this part, but it’s still progress to report!

S is continuing to improve. We’re getting her settled at home. Hence my full day yesterday.

More to come on that tomorrow.

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