So nice when things go right

So… S needed her ortho follow up.

They squeezed her in, so this morning we got up early and headed into the city.

I don’t like the city. I don’t like any city allthatmuch, truth be told, but I especially don’t like this one.

Not helped by not knowing it. What’s that building? S asks me.

I have no idea. I don’t come to the city, if I can help it. And usually, I can help it.

But it was an early morning appointment, rush hour traffic to get there but not more than planned. Everything was moving and the area didn’t seem sketchy- even less so at 8am.

I got her checked in (whoo hoo grace period = no parking fee).

One lovely pink waterproof cast later – she was having discomfort in that wrist so continued healing and comfort prayers are welcome – her sis was working nearby and could bring her back to me.

I went about my work while she went back to bed (early morning start, remember?) then after work popped out and the Safeway pharmacy had come through!

It’s so nice when things go right.

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