Small trials, small victories

S is a much better person than I am. For a lot of reasons. But here’s one.

She doesn’t let things make her crazy.

Like, the day after we went to Shock Trauma, and she came out scratched up and bandaged up and in 2 casts, we stopped at the local CSV here, to get emergency refills of a few things, plus a bunch of other supplies, because quite obviously she was going to be here longer than planned.

I mean, she had planned she would be away from home 2-3 days and brought a whole week’s worth of her daily meds & vitamins with her. She’s smart like that.

But, you know. Gonna be longer than that.

So she gets up to the pharmacy at CVS, looking as clearly injured as it gets.

It is NOT minutes to pharmacy closing or anything, just to clarify.

The pharmacy person sees her, lets her stand there for 5 minutes, then finally turns and just tells her, we can accept drop off prescriptions for next business day, but we aren’t filling anything else today.

My snarky thought on hearing this later: Huh. We thought this was a pharmacy … but whatever.

Well, she puts in her refills (which he makes her write out, longhand, while in two casts) and she has a whole conversation with him about having this injury while out of town and needing emergency (early, in one case) refills until she can get home, and brand specificity, and he tells her, it will get ordered the next day and be in the next business day, which she figures with the weekend means Monday. Or maybe Tuesday – there’s a holiday in there.

So Monday afternoon we pop out to see what the story is, whether things are in or when they are expected.

But over the weekend emails keep coming to S that one of the prescriptions is rejected because it’s not time for her to refill them.

So to my thinking: something didn’t get entered right in the process. These are not opiates, people. She’s out of town and not handy to her current fill, and needs more early. This was explained already…


The short version of this already long story is that despite having ordered days ago (“next business day,” right?) they don’t have what she ordered in the right mg in the store and they don’t know when the right ones are coming.

With that news in hand, we didn’t even get around to discussing the one with the refill rejection.


That particular CVS is closing when the new one down the street opens. I hope the many really nice, capable staff from this CVS get jobs at the new one when it opens. Whoever is responsible for this fiasco, on the other hand, shouldn’t be doing this as a career. IMO.


Of course S is her usual pleasant self about it. I’m irked.

So – prayers en route – we head over to Safeway where the person at the counter was already much more helpful in every possible measure, and with any luck my next post is going to be confirming that all is well on that front.

We are hopeful.

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