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Step by step … blessed

So it’s been a few days since S had her fall. She’s in two casts, and her face is scabbed over where she got rug burn during the fall. So is her knee. And her mouth got pretty mashed up when she landed, so it hurts to chew.

That she has 4 broken bones and is in relatively little pain – almost none actually, chewing aside – is a blessing.

That none of the bones was displaced (shifted out of place) when they broke – is a blessing.

That her mouth was so mashed but didn’t actually break or knock out any of her teeth – is a blessing.

That she is here at all to tell the tale – is a blessing.

That there’s tons of products easily order-able to help make the life of a person with low mobility, a bit easier – is a blessing.

That while her mouth remains the most painful injury, there are liquid nutrition options available – is a blessing.

That there was someone who could cover her class, and that there’s a holiday built in so the impact on her students is minimal – is a blessing.

That I have a manager and a team who is flexible when I had to be out for a few hours to take her to Shock Trauma or when I need to pop out to the drug store for a few minutes midday … or just need to work from home for the foreseeable future in case she needs anything – is a blessing.

That I have a family nearby who would look after her for me if I needed to leave, or run errands if we need something – is a blessing.

That a host of people who have heard about her fall have been praying for her healing – is a blessing.

And that through all this, and despite being stuck here (which she would never call it that because she’s sweet) at my place — obviously she can’t drive, or really live alone, at present — she continues to keep her good humor, positive attitude, and awareness that she’s been so watched over – is a blessing.

So day by day and step by step we work through this process.

And we are so amazingly blessed.

Thank you, Lord