Long dark drive

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you can tell why it’s called semi-random flotsam.

It’s very… flotsam-y. Just whatever floats out of my head to this screen…

And that, as you may have noticed, is often rather random.

There are long stretches where there’s nothin at all.

And then I’m back. Spewing my semi random flotsam.

Travel comes up often (which I love and am thankful to get to go). Fitness comes up at intervals. DuoLingo, cooking, work, peeves, faith.

And my commute. If you stick around, you’ll probably tire of hearing of the commute.

I tire of making it, myself. 😄

But I haven’t mentioned it here in a while.

Because I haven’t done it in a while.

Because my colleagues were away, then there were holidays, then colleagues were away, then I was away, and there were more holidays, then I got sick, then I was away, and then I got sicker.

My boss is awesome. He doesn’t really care if I go in, other than that his manager not hassle us about it. He works in a different office altogether so he doesn’t miss me either way. He knows I’ll work just as well, and longer, from home. Without wasting my drivetime, or getting whatever is going around the office, or giving them whatever I might have.

But this week, I made the commute, like I’m supposed to. (But just once this week, not twice, for reasons I’ll explain tomorrow.)

It was strange and unfamiliar, the night-before prep. My badge, nearly but not quite forgotten on my dresser (where I had placed it when I took it out of the Magic Jacket for travel) – now safely returned to the correct jacket pocket. Helpful for getting through security and the cafeteria.

The laptop placed in the bag, propped by the door. Chargers, also returned to the bag post-vacation. Coffee set up for one-button AM operation, with my travel cup at the ready, helpful for the drive and essential to the morning. Hair straightener or blow dryer? Decisions about what I’ll do with the mop on my head after my AM shower, get made the night before so that the right equipment is in position. Clothes carefully laid out so I don’t have to think at Dark & Early O’clock in the morning.

(Forgot to prep my lunch bag, but a soda and a water for the day – there’s the cafeteria for something midday – were quick to solve before I walked out.)

I don’t enjoy the commute. It’s long. There’s traffic and construction. It often includes a stop at the gas station, and/or the occasional route diversion. I don’t go in snow, but there’s sometimes – like this week – rain. Not so bad in the afternoons, but it’s tough in the morning. My eyes are getting older, and all those reflective wet surfaces in the dark of the morning… I hate that.

But it had been so long since I’d gone in, that I didn’t think a bit of rain was going to fly as an excuse not to.

And I reminded myself, Sunday night, of the parts of the commute I do like…

The quiet time, to think and pray and listen to podcasts or what have you.

And the sky! The changes during the drive, the changes with the seasons. Mountainous purple storm clouds gathering, and soft feathery pink cloud whispers drifting on the morning breeze. The moon chasing me, or the sun winking a greeting midway. Darkest night converted through a riot of sunrise color to the fullness of day. And once: a fireball from space.

But this week when I commuted, it was just dark. The darkest night as I left. Partly season, partly weather. No moon or stars, a mist promising rain-to-come in the air – clouds unseen in the dark. Even by the time I arrived, it was more a rainy night than a morning. On the trip home, the sky was just painted in dull patterns of gray in the sky.

But I did make it. Both ways. Rain, not snow. No ice. Gas acquired on the return. Tasks accomplished at work. And enough energy on arrival at home (where the workout clothes awaited me) to do the workout I promised I would have. Recycling out. And then…