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A quick quiz!

What’s right, and what’s wrong, with this picture?

What’s right: I did exercise all 7 days this week, for at least 30 minutes a day. Today I did 45. Yay me.

What’s wrong?

Well, first off, this says I was active for just 11 minutes today.

More than that though: This is simultaneously saying that I have under 5000 steps for the day so far (after my 45 min workout it said I barely had 3000 so sumthin ain’t right already) AND that I am 94% of the way to my 10K step goal.

Quick math check: Ninety-four percent of 10,000 is a lot closer to 9400 than to the not-quite-5000 shown.

I double checked, so I know it knows I actually have a 10K step goal. That’s not the problem.

So. My Fitbit seems to have forgotten how to count. Or how to math. Maybe a little bit of both. Plus it’s a little shaky on time.

Well at least it knows there are 7 days in a week still.

Small victories.

Also… Happy Birthday to someone who has been like a father to me. 😄

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