And in another way, I’ve stayed on track

Though I have to say I kind of hate the new Duo streak logo.

They changed the streak rules, so hitting a lesson a day (not your goal for the day, which can vary person to person) is what qualifies for the streak. But since they changed it (for me anyway – sometimes things role out piecemeal) I’ve not been traveling/ with limited access. So I have been hitting my daily goal every day, as usual. (Which is just 2 lessons/20 points, so I’m not exactly breaking any records I hat way.)

But it’s one thing I have stuck to.

Little successes, right?

(Also IRLas I type this -I’m 4 for 4 in my newfound rediscovered workout/steps goals. Getting up now to go for #5)

(Also I’ve filed my 2019 taxes. Woot again for small successes.)

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