40 days

Apparently I have posted 40 days in a row. As of today.

I once did 365 but … I suspect none of you could stand it if I kept this up.

So on this happy note I will report the sudden (and based on prior discussions, wholly unexpected) resolution of my Amtrak issues.

Thank you Amtrak!


However I must report the fact that as far as TAP Airlines knows, we are still in Rome waiting to hear from their medical staff to approve S to fly with the oxygen she needs at altitude. (Where the visa we don’t need for visits of less than 30 days would be slowly ticking to its end. But I’m sure that’s no problem, either, right?? No rush.)

I will just leave that there for the moment – crabbing about it isn’t getting anything resolved anyway. #CrapCustomerService #NeverAgain