flotsam, there is something wrong with me

Back in the grind

So I came back home. I returned to work.

I had a cold. Hack, wheeze, cough.

Just a cold.

Hack cough wheeze.

That hurt. Ugh. Going back to bed…

Lots of time was spent sleeping.


Shortly after I got home from this trip, the new coronavirus started making the news.

So I know as these have been posting on a delay, that has been a question some of you have had. Me as well, especially at first.

  • Less because it’s likely (I wasn’t in China, and I first got sick before that story broke).
  • More because it would be … bad.

    Bad to have.

    Bad because I’ve been on 2 cruise ships, 4 flights, not to mention multiple trains and taxi/rideshares … on 3 continents.

    So that would be distinctly undesirable.

    But no. More likely I got a bad cold or a weakened version of flu and with all the travel stress I’m just not fighting it off fast.

    ( Weak flu though because #flushotswork )

    No worries. I’m almost back to 100% in real time.