First day back – the day broken down

I gave up and slept at 7:30pm. I just couldn’t keep myself up any later.

But to my body that was the wee hours, not an afternoon nap. So at 4:17am I am awake again. Initially confused and then able to locate myself in time and space: I’m home.

And I’m up too early, for where I am. Try to go back to sleep for a while.




7:30. Alarm. Nope.


7:49. Ok maybe I’ll move. Anyway, coffee would be a good idea.


8:00. Log on at work

8:05. Actually get logged on.

8:06. Reach out to the local client with an issue on Friday, to see if she still needs help.

8:10. Try to trouble shoot the Asia issue that came in over the long weekend.

8:44. Can’t fix the Asia issue from here, but send them tips of stuff to try that might help.

9:05. Check in with the boss on every thing that came in. Start to fix the thing he broke.

9:45. Get thoroughly confused about what is happening here with the thing he broke, and have to reconfirm with the boss on what I’m looking at. Go back to fixing.

10:00. Team meeting to divvy our projects.

1:00. Realize food might be good. Microwave some Lean Cuisine pad thai.

1:05. Beep beep beep food. Taste & add sriracha. Mix well.

1:10. Realize there’s egg in the pad thai. Spend time fishing the bigger pieces out because otherwise (vomit).

1:44. Done fixing the thing for my boss.

1:45. Have a 10-minute WebEx with the client from 8:06 and get her squared away.

1:55. Send the simple email to the people with the questions that we keep explaining that a different team has to answer.

2:00. Check over the thing that the team did exactly right in my absence but felt better if I looked at it.

2:05. Start drafting the email to explain the big hairy complicated thing that came in while I was out.

3:20. Dang that was a loooong email. Send to my team to make sure it makes sense.

3:22. Follow up 2 other issues that came in.

4:20. Review the content for tomorrow’s morning meeting. Also my boss confirms the 3:20 email is perfect (his word).

4:47. Touch base with my teammate about a different hairy mess they got while I was out.

4:50. Start tinkering solutions for the 4:47 issue.

4:51. Realize I’m missing incoming prayer requests. Pause to pray for them.

4:57. Start programming options for the 4:47 item. Multiple false starts ensue as I work through the nuances.

5:24. Pause to webex a solution for a friend’s Excel question.

5:27. Go back to programming.

6:30. Realize it’s crazy late and I should be “done” for the day.

6:44. No really. Be. Done.

7:30. For the love of all that’s holy… Get off the computer and go have dinner. Or go to bed. Or something!


Ok so. Yeah. I’m totally back.

And having had dinner and watched a little TV and taken a little cold meds I think I will just…