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Disembark in Rome and Onward. Maybe.

(But we won’t actually see Rome, because we’re running from port to airport for our flight.)

We get off the ship without a hitch. We meet our airport transport, no issues. We arrive early to the airport, and stand in the TAP line.

And there is a problem.

S needs oxygen to fly. She has her own compressor. She has her own batteries. She has permission from TAP medical to bring the device on board.

But not to use it on board. Even though that is clearly specified on the form that they approved to take it on board.

Apparently an extra step was needed.

She hadn’t been able to get a clear answer (for 11 months since we booked the flight) so she tried visiting their desk at Newark to straighten it out, well before our trip.

There’s no TAP people in Newark. It’s a kiosk.

I popped over to TAP at JFK on our way out.

There are no TAP people at JFK, either.

When we arrived at Rome we tried to confirm this was all ok before we boarded the ship. Not that there are really people in Rome either; we could not get an answer, other than come back on the day of your flight.

So here we are. Checked in. Baggage checked. Through security. At the gate.

And then we are put off the boarding list. Bags off the plane.

Trying to get an answer from TAP. On a Sunday. The people who couldn’t answer a single email for 11 months are ever so likely to respond today to this urgent request, yes?


So. Our 23 hour layover-and-see-something in Lisbon is a no-go. I’m obviously not leaving her stranded in Rome while I pop over to Lisbon alone. Nuh-uh. No way.

It will be fine. Better that we stick together. Lisbon was an add-on, anyway.

S will have to fight this out with Amex and TAP and Norwegian. It will get sorted or we will split the out of pocket.

(Norwegian is in the mix because Norwegian got us here, so we know they have approved use of her device on board. So we get a last minute ticket with them. For reasonable money especially considering the last-minute, no-options scenarios we are embroiled in.)

So we aren’t racing to a connection and whirlwind tour of Lisbon. We will have to come back to Portugal another time.

We’re waiting to fly home. Or close. Ish.

JFK. From whence the plan is, we will make our way to S’s car, place, etc.

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  1. PS we have been back, IRL, for two weeks. TAP has not responded. AS FAR AS THEY KNOW WE ARE STILL STRANDED IN ROME. (Learned: we will not be flying TAP at any point in the future. Even if that means we don’t *ever* get to Portugal. )


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