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Cruise Day 7: Genoa

Our meeting for the morning isn’t until 9:15am. Such luxury!

I slept most of the previous 14 hours (S got up at some point to eat and read). We both sound like death warmed over. I can’t decide if I have a new cold or if I’ve relapsed. S thinks it’s something she (we) caught on the plane.

In any case…

Our tour is in English and French (yesterday was English only; most have been English and German). We stop at 3 spots in Genoa (locally: Genova), overlooking the Portofino promontory, in the town center, and at a scenic overlook.

At the promontory overlook we also pop into a church with stunning stained glass.

First two images appear in the rear of the church. This one is over the nave – the Holy Spirit as a dove, painted in light, appearing over Christ


In the center of town we see the fountains, old post office, city hall, church and cathedral. And more.

There is something both beautiful and surreal about stepping out of the cathedral to hear opera being sung on the street.

After a brief overlook stop, its back to the ship for lunch and rest. We have Cirque du Soleil at Sea tickets for tonight, so we can’t be skipping dinner and going straight to bed again.

Oh. Ugh. And we have to pack.


I packed. S slept. Win-win.


I almost forgot to say that en route back on board we see the Cruise Director.

If you’ve never cruised before: That shouldn’t be an event. On the Sapphire Princess, Matt was our Cruise Director and he was literally everywhere. Telling corny jokes, introducing acts, making announcements, running game shows… encouraging us all to have a good time! (falsetto on good in a good time!)

We would not have known Marco was the Cruise Director if he hadn’t had a name tag on. I don’t know what this role consists of, on the Grandiosa, but it is not to ensure we are having a good time, or to interact with guests in any way that we can tell.

But then, we aren’t attending many events if they are for-a-fee. Cirque du Soleil notwithstanding.


Well. Not every thing is controllable. Cirque du Soleil is cancelled tonight. It’s happened 3 times since the ship launched in November, always due to rough seas. It’s simply not safe to run the performance while the seas are rough.

And sure enough, at dinner and thru the evening, we can really feel the seas.

Like, a lot. If I was drinking, I’d think I was drunk. Instead, I have to keep reminding myself that it’s the actual movement of the ship, not an ear infection or fever or other worsening of the cold kicking in. (Thank you Lord for not letting me leave without the SeaBands!)

But just as well. We are awake for dinner for a change, and the show charges will credit back automatically, and we don’t have to race out to make the show. So we can have dessert. And after-dinner coffee/hot chocolate. And S will have time to pack.

Again with the Win-Win.

Final beverage treats. Hot chocolate and latte caramella