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Cruise Day 6: Marseille

S and I are both slow moving this morning. It was a rough night. But we have breakfast, medicate, and go to join our excursion to Marseille and Aix-en-Provence.

Which gets a delayed start because there’s a strike in France.

Of course there is. Not for nothing, but DuoLingo has a whole lesson on demonstrations and strikes in their French module.

But eventually we get out of the port, and step out into France. It’s drizzly, but it’s French drizzle. We’re ok with that.

We drive around Marseille then stop at the Basilica, then down to the old port for lunch.

We meet a couple, with luggage, who ask us where to meet the ship. They’ve asked to be taken to the port, but the old port can’t handle cruise ships. It certainly can’t handle the MSC Grandiosa.

We can’t really direct them other than that there’s a different port for cruise ships and suggest they talk to our bus driver, who will at least know what direction to point them.

We have lunch, then board the bus again to head to Aix en Provence. In the summer months they are famous for the lavender fields.

We visit the dauphin fountain, l’hotel de ville (city hall) and the cathedral.

We have the worst weather of our trip this day but we may have liked this excursion best. Merci Tour Guide Julie!

Then it’s a shopping afternoon until it’s time to meet the bus.

Just as well. S and I are starting to wilt.

Naturally the same ladies are late, and it’s a mad race back to the ship before they have to sail. A faceful of icy rain later, we are on board, getting warm drinks. Getting a hot shower.

Skipping dinner.

Going to bed early.

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