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Cruise Day 5: Barcelona

Our stop is for Barcelona, but our tour is for Barcelona, Montserrat and Wine Tasting.

Naturally they take us for the wine tasting first.

Cava is the bubbly alcohol of Spain (champagne gets its name from the region of France it is from, so although we would consider them equivalent, they can’t call what they make champagne. Instead Cava gets its name from the caves or underground storage that are used in the winemaking process.

Then we head to Montserrat. As my ears pop as we go up the mountain, I hope S will be ok. She should be on oxygen for elevation. But she says she is under the threshold. Thank God.

We visit the Basilica, stroll the town, shop and eat. Then we hop back on the bus for a drive-by tour of Barcelona itself.

After the tour, we just have time to change for dinner and have a hot chocolate. Dinner itself is disappointing. But then, neither of us is feeling well. I’m chilled to my bones and just want a hot shower, some NyQuil and a bed.

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