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Cruise Day 2: Palermo

S is up in the small hours and creeps out to read for a while. I wait it out and go back to sleep.

The breakfast we ordered in arrives 30 minutes early. No worries, our jammies are company- friendly.

We can feel the ship making small adjustments for the docking procedure. Over coffee & hot chocolate we grin that of course they’d be extra careful – they hit a dock here a few weeks ago. The rear of the ship bears the signs of the repair.

We meet our tour, and then we are off for the sights and tastes of Sicily!

We taste cannoli (still not my cup of tea), a sip of wine, and some kind of fried cheese and potato thing that takes some getting used to but then is actually pretty good.

We see the cathedrale di Palermo (gorgeous), the marketplace, palaces, museums, and even a brief seaside stop.

(I am pretty sure my cough would be improving faster if everyone didn’t smoke in Italy.)

The line to get back on board is insane (we are after all on the MSC Monstrosity Grandiosa) but we get our requisite pics of the ship (including the repairs from the aforementioned dock mishap).

Back in our room we try to make a plan for the remainder of the day. And we need to change for dinner because it’s “Elegant” dress tonight. Hahahaha.

We eat a light dinner because we can’t decide and end up splitting multiple desserts:

After dinner we have reserved seats at one of the shows: Wonderworld. (You have to reserve shows because monstrosity. There are any number of things to do, but even with the app you’d never find them all. We agree we’d prefer a smaller ship in future.)

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