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Rome and Board (Cruise Day 1)

It’s a long trek back to Rome today, so we’re up early.

Actually, we’re up earlier, because we’re off time, but who’s counting.

So anyway. Up early. Cleaned up, packed up, checked out, and on the road. Italy goes by out the window. Toscana, Umbria, Lazio. Vineyards and cypress trees.

Three odd hours later, we’re back at the Rome airport, returning the car and finding a taxi back to Civitivecchio, for the cruise port.

It’s a bit confusing how to get to the ship but in due time we get sorted. On board, bags in tow, and to our cabin.

Oh. My. God.

Look, we’ve cruised before. We’ve cruised with this line before.

This room is tiny.

They have tried to hide that by not having any space taken up by a closet.

There is a small armoire, each side just over a foot wide. It is the only storage for clothing, and needs to house all of both of our clothes for the entire week. Half of one side is shorter because it has the shelf for the safe and two narrow drawers. One for each of us.

One tiny drawer and closet space less than a foot wide.

Somewhere on this ship, some of these inside cabins are set up to house up to 4 people on bunks. Those rooms have the same net size as this one. If we aren’t sure where to put our clothes for a week – Where do their clothes go?

There is a tiny desk. It also has one drawer. That drawer also has a hairdryer in it. The desk itself also has to house ZOE, their listening device personal assistant device. (We turn it off as soon as we learn how but still it takes up space we need. )

There are nightstand tables, 6 inches wide.

And that’s it.

No secret cubbyholes, no hidden shelves.

Well. It is what it is.

We plan that we will explore the ship but by the time we stash everything, we just have time to grab a bite and then it’s almost time to go to the security drill.

This ship is massive. O.ver.whel.ming.

And then later is dinner but we aren’t that hungry. We order but barely touch our food. Even the tiramisu (which is good) couldn’t tempt me to finish.

Anyway, pretty quickly we are ready to fall into bed. We get our cabin steward (Jon) to do our turndown service early while we figure out how to backtrack to the muster station in case of emergency… If we know how to reach our life boat in our sleep, we won’t need to.


You know what? This ship makes me tired. Or the travel does. Bedtime!


During the day, I get an email from the “S” of my previous cruise. My last cruise is too recent, and my memory is crowded. Small moments remembered: a preference for ice cream (even over tiramisu?), the constancy of the toasting clink of wine glasses of new friends, each night at dinner.