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Tuscany: Florence & Pisa

After we arrive at our hotel in Florence, we both get the obligatory shower (airports & airplanes – ugh) then change to go out for a while. We had debated a nap – even without any significant traffic, the drive felt like eternity – but by this time it’s after 4pm and we realize a nap now will mean we don’t sleep at night.

So we pull ourselves together and explore the area nearby. We find the local tram station and ride down into the center of Florence, seeing the Duomo at night and strolling down cobblestone streets and having hot chocolate (warming the hands and the belly).

Post Holiday but still festive
Last saw this by day with my sister, years ago. Missed you, Sis!

We only walk around for about an hour though, before we head back to the hotel and have dinner, and make our plan for tomorrow: Florence by day and a train ride to Pisa in the afternoon.

Back in our room, we settle in and are both out cold by a few minutes after 10:30pm local time.


I stir at 7:30am. I could get up. Maybe.

I don’t.


At 9:30, we both stir. Check the train schedules. Get ourselves ready.

A little after 11am we are training into Florence. We head for the Galleria Academia to see the David. We stop for our respective forms of morning caffeine, while we walk.

It is cool and refreshing, and we both sort of love that we’re strolling in Florence on a Saturday morning.

We find the Academia but after waiting behind smokers in line, decide not to stay.

We walk toward the Duomo, shopping along the way. The Duomo is open today (was closed when Sis and I came to Florence years ago).

We go inside, then pause for Pizza in the Piazza before heading to Pisa.


The train to Pisa takes about an hour, and then (after a brief redirect) we walk the mile down to the Duomo and Torre de Pisa.

Is it just me or is that Leaning a bit?
Apparently S tipped it over?
S holds it up
Augh it may squish me

We spend the afternoon visiting the cathedrale, the campasanto, and the battistero.

It’s beautiful and interesting, and we get our steps.

But it’s a long day, and we need to cross town to catch our train back to Firenze (Florence).

Sunset in Pisa

We eat leftover pizza on the train, and make a plan of attack for tomorrow’s return to Rome and the next part of our adventure.

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