In between

I’d only been back for 2 weeks before I would be leaving again.

One trip to unpack; a new one to pack.

Summer on the equator for one trip; winter in the Mediterranean for the other.

All this while I try to get my legs under me at work, and my cold keeps trying to knock me down.

Evidence that I’m not in a good mental state as I pack?

I take the SeaBands out of my bag as I unpack Asia, and I actually think to myself, ok I won’t need these for Europe.

They are for motion sickness. I wear them around the clock while on board, just to be safe.

I realize only in the small hours before I leave that I am forgetting something I absolutely do want to have with me.

So yeah. I have them now.

And thank you, Lord, for reminding me. A few hours til I go… anything else You wanna remind me of?

That You are good, and You are everywhere. That there is nowhere I can go that You won’t be there before me.

That is always a good thing to remember!

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