New year crunch

The first few days back to work were not bad. Holidays, short week. Most of my projects stayed pretty quiet in my absence. No problems.

This was all good, because I was just back from a cruise and a series of flights and of course I got the crud a cold.

But following the holiday, I still had my cold … and new projects started rolling in.

And clients who haven’t reached out in months – Seriously, months and months – came out of the woodwork. And they need something now please.

So, a little crazy how much is piling up.

And since I’m not really able to take on anything new-new right now, for other reasons, I’m mostly spending days batting back client questions so my team can do other things, and helping the team wrap up loose ends where I can.

I love my job. I do. I work with great people and what we do helps our colleagues make better decisions and/or improve customer experience, and it pays for important things, like housing and food and travel.

But ugh.

While I’ve been sick, I have not been feeling so much love.

This too shall pass. Colds almost always end, eventually. And you almost never die from them.


2 thoughts on “New year crunch”

  1. Like I said at first, you are an adventurer. THE adventurer. Hope you’ve gotten over the cold and are feeling better. Thank you for sharing this remarkable travelogue.


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