G Epilogue: Rewinding the Fast Forward

While I’ve been telling this story, I’ve gotten out of sync with real time. For instance…

You’re seeing this on or after Jan 19. As I write, it’s actually Jan 1: Early morning.

In real life, it is the start of the new year. A holiday. A Wednesday morning that feels like a Saturday.

I am sipping coffee on the couch.

My trip is still newly ended. I am still jet lagged. I still have the cold I caught on board or en route home, and I’m still awaiting a chance to see my family and celebrate my belated Christmas…

And now it’s January 2, and I’m back at work. It’s the Mondayest Thursday ever, as my manager says.

So, still freshly home. Still processing my trip.

But I need to say (if for no other reason than a few of you have been asking) — that although I enjoyed meeting (and still love with a whole heart, as a group) our table mates, our little onboard family… nothing will come of me and G.

It wasn’t the right thing. He wasn’t the right guy for me.

But I didn’t filter him out of my posts – he was there. He was part of almost all my excursions, part of the adventure, and part of our group.

But even so, we are not for each other.

We aren’t going to date, long distance or otherwise.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.