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The Long Trip Home

I stick around the airport once I am dropped off, although I have all this time – I would rather settle in and know I’m where I need to be than be stressed later trying to get back on time. There’s free WiFi, in 3 hour intervals. Even after G leaves, I’m there long enough that I need to renew that twice.

My gate is finally posted. There are no signs for it in the area, until just before it opens for boarding. But I’m where I’m supposed to be and get on no issues. Next stop, Korea.

Sidebar: Asian airports all seem to list departures by time rather than by destination or even flight number. It’s confusing every time because if your flight is delayed it just moves and there’s not necessarily a lot clues of how to find your flight on the board at a glance. Scanning flight numbers = not super intuitive.

I sleep about 1 hour of my 5+ hour flight to Korea, in separate 15 minute intervals. Not terribly restful. Mostly it’s that the seat could not be any less comfortable if it was made of rocks.

The board in the transfer areas doesn’t list flights more than 3 hours out so I guess which terminal I need to be at, on the assumption that the Delta flights are together. I ask someone at the Terminal 2 entry but she is really a security person who wants to do an interview for security purposes (required for all passengers). I get it, no problem, but when I get to the other side and I can’t find my flight (see aforementioned issue with timing changes on the board) I’m momentarily confused and stressed.

But it gets sorted, I change clothes to feel a bit more human, get a coffee to help me stay more alert for my layover, do my DuoLingo for the day (to keep the 920-day streak going), check in on flight progress back home (where it’s human hours of the day) and look over the pics from my trip.

Soon enough we’re boarding for the second leg of the trip, just under 13 hours, Seoul to Atlanta.

Departure, Korea

It is looooooooong.

I nod off for 15 minutes early on (and for 5 minutes just before we land) but good grief these seats are uncomfortable.

By midway through the interminable flight, I know I’m coming down with the cold everyone was getting.

Approach, Atlanta

Well, I have a nice long layover in Atlanta to look forward to. Plenty of time to get some food and some juice. Of course what my body needs most is rest, but that looks like it may have to wait until I get home.

Actually I’d much rather just go home, but Delta Service confirms that the multiple flights before mine are all booked solid. So I just have a long day here to chillax at the (sticky) Atlanta airport.

Dang, I wish I had a second change of clothes available. I feel gross.

Six Seven hours later, we are boarded. It’s just a 2 hour flight, and again, I do not sleep. Maybe just as well now. I’ll be landing in the evening, and I want to SHOWER, get on CLEAN FRESH clothes, and fall into bed.

Now vacation is over. Tomorrow I return to work.


Skipping to real time ever-so-briefly…

Happy birthday 🎂 to a very talented, very smart, very lovely, and very loved young lady. ❤️

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