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Day 9: At Sea (Annular Solar Eclipse)

It’s an at sea day, and for the first half of it, everyone will be on the upper decks, staring at the skies.

Our gang, sans ND who is probably at the gym, all meet up for breakfast (T and I arriving first, since we live on that deck), then we all linger at the pool as the AM hours pass.

T, P, V and S jump in the hot tub, G and I hold the fort/watch the stuff, then decide to go change to swim as well. I’m back first, and the ladies have moved from hot tub to pool. I arrive as V and T have gone pruny and want to get out but S and P stay to keep me company for a bit. But they’ve been in for a while, and we don’t stay in long.

At 11 they are going to open up lines to get eclipse glasses. I brought a pair of ‘real’ ones that came with 2 cardboard pairs, so G, T and I use the cardboard ones I brought to try to find a way to take a pic of it.

We discover that Princess has not brought enough glasses for every one – astoundingly bad planning, nor figured out the most efficient way to hand them out – so we are thankful when we have enough for our group, and even to return a few extras between us, collected separately.

And then we settle in and watch the moon pass in front of the sun.

Through it all, G never gives up the hope of getting a picture, and through several points he mostly does…

The sun, halfway to eclipse, seen through eclipse glasses.

Just as we are getting to the perfect fire ring of the eclipse, a cloud goes over. Those of us using glasses just see the sun disappear entirely but G, whose glasses have been mostly off to fiddle with pics, does see the ring just for a second through the clouds. (He sent the one pic here to me but if I get others from him before this posts I’ll add them.) But it is a large cloud, and the fullness of the eclipse is just a few minutes in total. By the time it’s passed over, the eclipse is heading the other way.

Afterward, the gang starts breaking up. T will work on her tan, I’ll get some lunch, and then take a nap.

Or try. There’s a few announcements – first a staff emergency related to an engine room thing (false alarm, all good) and then a medivac helicopter called for, for a separate issue (some of our gang are evacuated out of their cabins during this process).

So someone is having a terrible day, and a restful sleep is impossible, but i make the attempt. Tired.

Maybe we’re all tired, maybe even a bit drained from the last few days — because we’re all a bit subdued. A few people (including T and ND) think they may be starting to fight off a cold.

Tours start early again tomorrow… so bed comes early tonight.