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Day 8: Christmas At Sea

I wake up Christmas morning, easing into the morning, trying to time when I can call home to try to catch the family together for the holiday. Ultimately I can’t get through until later than planned but I happily use my last 15 minutes of connection to talk to my sister, BIL and the girls. They look happy and festive for Christmas Eve, while I am windblown on the sunny promenade deck on Christmas Day.

It’s an at-sea day, and there are lots of activities planned. Per usual, not all are my cup of tea.

But our gang has planned not just dinner, but have standing times and plans for anyone to get together for breakfast, lunch, tea, or dinner, as they are inclined. The 7 of us have formed a little family for this (literally floating) holiday.

It’s a formal night for dinner – and with the holiday almost no one is opting for the buffet upstairs. We meet at 7:30 for dinner and need a beeper for the first time – congregating at the bar outside for a spell, and reorganizing the entire place to ensure all of our gang has a seat.

We do have dinner eventually, toasting the holiday and each other, and new friendships formed.

Then we head up to the nightclub on the upper decks for the half hour ABBA dance party.

Fun had by all. I can only admire how much stamina for dancing V and P have!

By then it’s late, and we start breaking up to our respective corners.

It was not even the same category as Christmas at home. But it was still a lovely Christmas, in its way.

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