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Day 6: (Laem Chabang) Bangkok, Thailand

I was supposed to get my passport back so I could depart to Bangkok today, but I got in after they stopped handing them out at 10PM. G as well, of course, in that he was up talking to me to all hours.

G and I are supposed to meet for breakfast before the excursion, but when he gets there, he explains that he left his cabin without his key card. In other words, he’s locked himself out of his cabin (and his ID to get on/off the ship) and has to go to guest services. So since we also have the passport issue, and he has fast-pass status, we both skip breakfast and go … he gets a new key and we both get our passports. Ready to go!

We check in at the shore excursion and a few minutes later, ND is there too – since we didn’t see him last night at dinner we hadn’t known to wait to check in with him, but he’s arrived in time to be the last person in our excursion group – so the three of us hang out through the day as we visit the royal palace, multiple temples, brief boat ride, plus lunch and shopping stops.

It’s a beautiful day and everything is amazing (and also, crowded and hot – even our local tour guide says so).

It’s also several hours from the port into Bangkok, and by the end of the day the heat, humidity, long ride and long day have worn me thin.

Back on board, a shower is a revelation, and later G and I meet for dinner – casual, pizza on the Piazza – everyone is on a different schedule today but eventually V finds and joins us, and shares pictures from her day.

Later we head down to check out the comedian for the evening, but it’s disappointing and we skip out to what is becoming “our spot” on the promenade, to chat away the evening.

It’s an earlier than usual night, though, because it’s been such a long, hot, tiring day – and tomorrow we have more excursions planned. Of course we do — I never miss an opportunity to see a new place, and by now, G has added my excursions to his schedule every day.

Scenes from the palace temple area. Too much to see for me to possibly do it justice


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