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Day 5: Sihanoukville, Cambodia

We pull into the port in Cambodia as the sun is rising.

I’m on a half-day tour, along with G and P from our little gang. Our stops include a visit to the village market (smelly), a school (where we are meant to gawk at local children, which makes all of our group feel very uncomfortable), the Wat Leu buddhist temple area, and then chillax on the resort beach.


  • It’s appalling that the children are expected to come to school on Sunday to be a form of entertainment for tourists, and to try to drum up donations.
  • The entire city is in the process of construction- the buildings, roads, wiring – all simultaneously. It’s exhausting but it makes us realize this place will look more finished and very different in 5 years. Assuming any of it gets done. (G and I observe what seems like hundreds of construction cranes, but none of them are in use.) In any case, it is not ready for visitors now.
  • Lots of casinos – open or going up.
  • Even though the market reeks, in general Cambodia doesn’t offend my senses as much as Vietnam did.
  • The beach is delightful, and P, G and I enjoy a quiet pause in the shade.

After the tour G and I grab lunch then I go to get laundry done. We’ll all meet up later for a cocktail hour and then dinner as usual.

After dinner a bunch head out to see the shows, a few to bed, and G and I sit up and chat for hours in the Promenade hall next to the Wheelhouse Bar, until the late hour and the coming early meetup for tours gets the better of me, and I say goodnight.

You know, I think G might really like me.

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