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Day 1: At Sea

First: overnight. There’s a small confusion when my cabin steward – who I said goodnight to at probably 8pm because as soon as I sat down to watch the comedian I started to nod off (so I didn’t even make it past the cruise director’s warm up act) – tries to deliver something while I’m in bed. Out. Cold.

All that for what turned out to be the souvenir cup for my drink package. Not urgent by any means.

More confusion ensues in the morning. One of the Anytime dining rooms serves breakfast – but only for Traditional dining passengers. Meanwhile the international dining room that is for Traditional dining passengers for other meals is the Anytime sit-down breakfast place. Flip-flop-swap.

At the restaurant they are thoroughly distressed when I want hash browns and bacon, no eggs or pancakes. And I mean distressed. My waitress reacts as if I’ve asked to eat a baby – like it’s a calamity of those proportions. She never comes back – I guess she can’t handle it. The other wait staff just act like I ordered thistles and straw. Am I absolutely sure that’s what I want? That that’s all I want? Coffee, Water, Bacon, Hash browns? Am I really ok?

Nunyobidness, but if I’d ordered eggs, I wouldn’t be okay. And I’m just not up for carb cakes this morning. (Thereafter I’ll just go to the Buffet for breakfast, for yogurt with granola and a bit of bacon.)

The last bit of confusion for the morning is that the clocks have changed but our phones don’t pick it up at sea. So everything on board is happening an hour later than it seems.

I make the mistake of talking to the tanzanite expert at the Effy jewelers on board, and become a prisoner there for a bit.

But a while later I win a consolation prize in their raffle. Which means I have a pair of earrings to try to reopen my piercings.

In the afternoon I go back to my cabin to rest and I turn on the recorded presentation about our next port of call, Nha Trang Vietnam and I …

Drag myself groggily awake a few hours later, and have to fight not to let myself go back to sleep.

But I get up, pull myself together, and go to find something to do on the ship.

There’s a singles meet and greet. I’ve been on a ton of cruises, and I go, but you never know. Once there were just 2 of us, and the other person was an older Chinese gentleman. (His English wasn’t very good, though it was better than my nonexistent Chinese.) Once there were a bunch of us – me and about a dozen octogenarian women. (Lovely to chat with, but not the crowd to plan your evenings with.)

But in this case, there’s a large group of us, mixed ages, and fun people. Six of us make a plan to meet up for dinner, the shows, maybe dancing.

We do all make it to dinner (formal night), play as a team in Majority Rules, and then go to see the evening’s late presentation of Bravo.

It’s opera-themed and although that’s not necessarily my cup of tea, the show is marvelous – though I am occasionally watching the pianist and flautist/saxophonist (one performer doing double duty depending on the piece) and wondering if being a performer on a cruise ship is less grueling than being a crew member.

After dinner we decide to forego dancing. It’s late, and the excursions start early.

But it’s nice to have met nice people.

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