flotsam, there is something wrong with me

#Duo – Goals

Before the last set of language tree updates, I had gotten all the way through the Spanish tree. Not that I’m fluent. I’m decidedly not. But I still worked on it, trying to improve. Except when I’d take a break to work on another language. (Currently French.)

And I had this badge. I was a Conqueror!

I still do have the badge on their website. But on the app, the fact that the Spanish and French trees have updated means I haven’t completed the trees. Or more accurately, I currently don’t have completed trees.

But I’m getting close, in French.

(Again, I am not nearly fluent.)

Usually I’d work through 3 levels of a single lesson. That’s not the recommendation. They don’t want you to crush one lesson multiple levels, just cramming into short term memory. But for me, 3 (out of 5) levels in, I’d feel a base level of mastery before layering on another lesson. I figured I’d get all the lessons to level 3, finish the tree, circle back through to refresh and learn more deeply.

That was my plan, anyway.

Then they updated the trees. More lessons are good. More lessons with tips and guidance were good. But losing my “place” in terms of progress was not encouraging.

I feel weirdly compelled to finish this tree before they update it again. To be a Conqueror once more!

Trying to get through the tree before they update it again means I’m pushing, adjusting my approach, almost racing through the lessons. Just getting to level 1 in each lesson so I can get to the next lesson.

I will most assuredly need to circle back later. Do I know the vocabulary well? Not as well as I’d like. Do I have a solid understanding of the grammar? Not particularly, no.

(And LORD HAVE MERCY how DARE they introduce the subjunctive tense with no explanation attached to the exercises??? Seriously, this is quite possibly the most confusing thing ever about French for an English speaker and there is no explanation provided whatsoever. What the heck??)

Anyway. I’m working the tree. I have been, for months. And now, I can see the end in sight.

Will I be a Conqueror? Will I beat the next update to get the badge back?

I’ll let you know.