Such a day

Let’s focus on what went right.

Starting with yesterday. I was in the office yesterday, when it was in the nineties. So I was in AC on the sweltering day, while mine could be off at home.

The AC kicked on last night, and ran at least long enough that I could fall asleep. Although it had died again overnight … the HVAC company answers the phone before 7am and said they would try to get someone over today.

My work computer system enforced a useless reboot just minutes before my big conference call, but it didn’t take 20 minutes to restart and it restarted correctly the first time and the VPN didn’t lock me out – a combination that’s practically miraculous – so I could join and lead my portion of the call as planned.

The HVAC guy showed up not long after my big hairy meeting was over, and yet not during.

After the power went off (unrelated), I had enough charge on my phone, external battery, and computer to still be able to work.

When he got back with the part, he could install it (in the dark) even though by that time the power had gone out. And although he couldn’t test it (because no power), he could tell me what to look/listen for (or not), and gave me his direct cell number to update him.

The power company got the power back on within 3 hours.

When the AC system kicked on, then started making the noise, then stopped blowing, he got back to me right away and will come back tomorrow.

My folks live close enough that I could just take the meal fixings over there to cook, rather than have to cancel (or all roast here).

It’s now cooler and pleasant with windows open for sleeping tonight, so no AC at present isn’t a calamity.

So lots of things went pretty well, on such a day. When you think about it.

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