Is it bed yet?

Commute day.

Early up.

Early out.

It’s been a few months since I had to make the trek – weeks on weeks of our team taking turns being out of office, and I don’t have to commute when I’m backup. Naturally I don’t commute when I’m the one out of office!

So I didn’t know that the mornings were dark again. Sunrise not until I was 2/3 to my destination. Deep orange glow today – not the bright pinks or deep purples of yestermorning.

Otherwise a day. A hot day, and with the HVAC making that noise and thus turned off until I get it checked… an excellent day to be in the A/C of the office.

Plus free flu shot. Totally worth driving in for, I guess.

Or maybe not. Because it’s dinner time to normal people. But for me, I just wonder…

Is it bed yet?

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