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The nieces

While we were away, First Beautiful Niece left for college. No, I don’t know where the time went.

(Of course if we had known her schedule back when we were planning, we would have shifted our trip — but it was too late by the time we learned. We’ll know better when Second Beautiful Niece is heading off to school.)

Speaking of Second Beautiful Niece, she has started high school. Again, no, I don’t know where the time went. None of this seems possible but here we are.

She has joined the marching band and we saw her in their first parade and there will now be football games in my future.

Dear God, I managed not to go to any of MY high school or college football games. I MUST love this kid!

Yeah, I do.

My two Beautiful Nieces are a joy and a blessing. They were delightful children and they are both growing so quickly into delightful, gracious, lovely, strong young women.

Heart. Full.

Must. Stop. Writing. Now.

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  1. Back when we were working together I remember the day you reported your beautiful niece was born. Second beautiful one, I think. How the time does fly. God Bless them both.


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