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In which we fly home


No one oversleeps. No issues at TSA (other than one item forgotten in the bottom of a bag, but such is life). No delays on our flights. No problems finding food to keep us afloat at our connection point. No turbulence.

Our second flight is an Honor Flight for Arizona vets of WWII and Korea, en route to DC to see their monuments.  So there’s a welcome at our gate for them, and we all applaud them and sing God Bless America in their honor.

Very nearly there

But otherwise it’s a flight. It’s long and boring and there’s a bit of spilled wine on my row (no, not by or on me). I have the SWA app so I get to watch Endgame which is kind of perfect for a 4-hour flight and would have been better if I had tissues on me. But all goes about as well as it can. And when we get home, we are all tired out.

But Sis is there to take us home.

And HOME is delightful. Even if buffalo do not roam here, nor are there all that many deer nor any antelope playing. And it’s humid as anything, which we didn’t miss.

BUT IT IS HOME. And Home is good.

Honor greeting on landing – fire trucks on either size shoot water in an arch over the plane



 ## IRL: happy anniversary Mr & Mrs. Red Bus Tour Driver Tom!


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  1. Happy for your safe return and remarkable trip. Spilled wine on the return, but, what, no spilled water?🤫


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