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In which we make record time down the road

We have options this morning – we can get up and on the road early, so that we get to Logan Pass before 8:30, when they might still have parking, or sleep in, have breakfast, and just hope for the best.

We opt to hope for the best.

We do make our way back across Going to the Sun Road. It’s scenic, but we don’t see any wildlife along the way.

We make it up to Logan Pass but there’s no parking at 10am – ultimately Dad and I just loop the lot for bio breaks, then head west through the more treacherous part of the road.

We know it’s beautiful because we saw it yesterday when the tour guide was driving. Today none of us looks at anything except the road.

I do see license plates for Hawaii and Rhode Island – our last two states to complete the set.

We stop at MacDonald Lake, first to rest and stretch our legs, then further down to admire the crystal clear water.

We stop at the Apgar Village and Visitor Center, which would have set framework for the whole park (if we’d been starting from the West side at the outset).

Then we ease out of the park, toward Kalispell.

Because we didn’t pause for stops through the most scenic part of the road (knowing how harrowing it might be) we’d made it through much faster than anticipated. So we detour to check out the Hungry Horse Dam (missing the visitor center that is probably closed on a Sunday, and ending up on the reverse side of it) and follow the river a ways.

We stop in Kalispell a the Conrad Mansion Museum and walk the grounds, see a deer, and check out a local park.

Then we check in, settle in, and get some laundry done before heading out to dinner.

Tomorrow is a transit day, to Spokane. We can sleep in again!